Aerial Lift Bridge

The Aerial Lift Bridge (earlier known as the Aerial Bridge or Aerial Ferry Bridge) is a major landmark in the port city of Duluth, Minnesota. The span is a vertical lift bridge, which is rather uncommon, but it began life as an extremely raretransporter bridge—the first of just two such bridges ever constructed in the United States.Originally built in 1905, the bridge was upgraded in 1929–30 to the current lifting design and continues to operate today. The bridge was added to theNational Register of Historic Places on May 22, 1973. A maritime museum maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers exists near the site of the bridge.

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I started the Northern Images website in 1992 for the pure enjoyment of sharing the beauty of Duluth and the Lake Superior Region with people like yourself. After 16 years, the joy of sharing God's creation, still motivates me to keep adding pictures to the 1500 that are already on the web site.

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  • Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-4342Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-4136Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-4131Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-4125Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge 3908Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-3874Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-3568Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-3007Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-2478Steam Fog-1525Winter Arrival-1520Steam Mist-1174Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1164Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1163Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1156Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1154Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1145Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1143Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1141Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-1134
  • Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0220Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge0209Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0122The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, built in 1905 was originally a transfer bridge using a gondola type carriage to move cars, people, and horses between Park Point and Downtown Duluth.0070Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0045Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0014Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0006Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge-0004Moonlit Departure-8156Harbor Moon-7464Fog LightMoonlight-6627Late Night Arriaval-3244Duluth Skylight-32Sun Path-19Storm Passage-1857Winter Night-14474Canal Park-14356Duluth Entry-1137Duluth Entry-1132
  • Fireworks over Duluth-11162Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in Pink-10736Moonrise Over Duluth-1Crescent City-0927Bayfront Blues Fest-0036Duluth Waterfront-DuluthWinterscape-3Harbor Reflections-2